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Olala ! French courses in Chamonix

La Vallée Blanche ? Au secours ! ( help ! )

23 Janvier 2013 , Rédigé par Françoise, your French teacher in Chamonix ! Publié dans #compréhension de l'oral

une recommandation de Olala! French courses in Chamonix: www.olalachamonix.com

Watch below one of the video of La Chamoniarde.

The goal of this film is to give information about the risks...

The concept is inspired of a very famous humorous TV serie on Canal + , BREF

The "problem" is that all is in French and...with a lot of slang expressions ! It means that a lot of non-francophone skiers do not understand ...

Olala ! French courses in Cham helps you !

1- Read (in English) La Chamoniarde : What is that ?

2- Read the translation of key words

3- Watch again the video . Is it a bit more clear?

Chamoniarde ? What is that?

(from the official website : http://www.ohm-chamonix.com

La Chamoniarde has under certain conditions, the tasks of organising the resources destined for the search of the rescue of those people lost or victims of mountain accidents. It carries out this task with the full collaboration with the national rescue network.It takes part in research and development of rescue equipment. It runs some of the infrastructures used for rescue for the town of Chamonix Mont-Blanc. It instigated and runs the safety radio network "Alert Mont-Blanc".

Knowledge of the Alpine environment and awareness of the conditions are together a guarantee of safety in the mountains. For this reason, La Chamoniarde is equipped with various aids and means of increasing public awareness of the risks inherent in mountain sports. It provides all year round information service on mountain conditions at the office of the OHM and the Pôle Montagne Risk.

Quelques clefs pour mieux comprendre la vidéo :

1argot/ langage familier = 2langage courant

la peuf = la neige poudreuse (snow powder)

une frangine = une soeur ( a sister) ... un frangin = un frère (a brother)

"se la pèter" = faire l'intéressant = se faire remarquer (to be full of oneself, to show off)

draguer = flirter (to flirt)

avoir du bol = avoir de la chance ( to be lucky)

prendre la tête , exemples en contexte :

ça me prend la tête (it's a real hassle)

arrête de me prendre la tête (stop being such a pain)

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