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Olala ! French courses in Chamonix

do you know the DOM TOM DROM COM POM ?

29 Janvier 2013 , Rédigé par Olala ! French courses in Cham Publié dans #about france and chamonix

French Overseas Territories are still called by their old name: DOM-TOMs (Départements et Territoires d’Outre-Mer) in everyday French. Since 2003, they are actually DROM-COM (Départements et Régions d’Outre-Mer – Collectivités d’Outre-Mer)and there is also a POM (Pays d’Outre-Mer), the French Polynesia with Tahiti and its other islands. The DOM-TOMs are spread out all over the globe. They are all administered by the French government and they enjoy different levels of autonomy. The legislation in the Départements is very close to mainland France government. The Collectivités enjoy more freedom in their legislation, and the French Polynesia even more.

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